Well, there we have it. 2016 is finally over, and what a year it has been for esports and particularly, Overwatch. This is probably going to be a bit of a long winded post, and by no means am I a brilliant writer so, please bare with me.

OWKings began as just an idea thrown around between Stefan and I, we never actually thought too much into it, certainly not getting it to where it is now. Then we brought it up with Casey, and essentially it was more a case of ‘why not give it a shot?’ So, here we are today, with just under 14,000 users and 10 high profile content creators.

On the 24th of May, both Overwatch and OWKings launched. Along with the platform, we announced the signing of our professional Overwatch team too. Twidii, Oksii, ADETONIAN, OLBAA, ryb and michr joined the OWKings family and helped us get the platform off the ground. With early success during the Beta and the first few months of the Overwatch competitive scene, their knowledge was invaluable and we’ll be forever grateful. Unfortunately the team had some teething troubles and eventually went their separate ways, however some of the guys continue to play professionally and went on to achieve great things with great new teams. We’d like to extend our thanks and best wishes to everyone that played for the OWKings lineup at some point; Twidii, Oskii, ADETONIAN, OLBAA, ryb, michr, Likely & Clown.

Before I stop dwelling on the past, I’d further like to extend our thanks to anyone that has created content for us, or worked with us to create content. Without you all, we wouldn’t be here and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy working with us next year, as we have loved working with you this year.

Finally, I can look forward to our future plans and what’s coming next! As previously mentioned, OWKings started with a team of 3, and between us, we had a mixture of skills and responsibilities. It’s fair to say we have learned a lot over the past 11 months. This wasn’t as easy as we wanted it to be, especially with the 3 of us having full time jobs too, which is why I’m happy to announce that we’ve brought on Awpteamoose, a dedicated developer for the platform, as well as Ryan, a professional video editor!

So, now the cat’s out of the bag, you can expect a lot of changes to come in the future. You’ve probably noticed that recently our content looks a lot better, it’s edited in a more professional manner and it’s a lot easier to consume. That’s hugely down to Ryan, so again, credit and thanks where it’s due. As for the platform itself, we’re well aware of how difficult it can be to use and navigate so that’s at the top of our list to improve.

In 2017, we hope to keep the growth up, and expand to other platforms. Working with various content creators, we’re going to bring you guys more free content on our website and youtube channel and do what we can to increase the frequency of our premium content. On that note, I’d just like to give an extra shout out to both Wilson “scr1be” Xu and Robert “hexagrams” Kirkbride for the content and shows they’ve been producing throughout the year. If you haven’t watched Don’t Shoot The Scr1be or In Our Sights yet, you guys should do that right now. Or well, after you’ve finished reading this!

I’ll try and tie this up here. I want to finish by thanking every single one of our users, even if you’ve only used our website a few times. Without you, we would not be here today. A special thanks goes out to each subscriber, you guys are the reason every creator on the platform gets paid for their time, and why we’re able to expand the team and bring better content to you for 2017.

Really, to sum it all up in a few words.. Thank you, we love you all. Happy New Year.

/Gareth “ShameLess” Harry