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Surpass your peak and reach new heights.

OWKings members see, on average, a 2 RANK increase since joining.

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Play Quality, Win Quantity

We get it, becoming a better player can at times seem like an insurmountable task, that's why we exist: To show you that it isn't.


Immediately master new heroes.

Our video tutorials make it easy to master the heroes you’ve always wanted to play but never knew how.

Whether you’re wanting to spruce up your headshots with Widowmaker, your positioning with Reaper or how to quickly and effectively place an Ice Wall as Mei without messing it up - we have the tutorials to fit your needs!

With OWKings, you will learn from the best of the best, at a surprisingly fast pace. We encourage you to aim high, because we have the tools to help you get there. You may be sitting at Gold today, but we'll have you pushing for Grandmaster in no time!


Quickly pick up new roles with ease.

If you’re getting slightly bored of running around booping with Lucio or being a walking shield with Reinhardt, you can quickly pick up new roles using our tutorials and turn your hand to making those clip worthy Genji plays within a week!

Maybe you don't want to switch roles, but broadening your variety of heroes will help you better serve your team when you can't get your desired pick, and it will help you when playing against those heroes too, helping you to better counter them!

With OWKings you can master a second or third role, allowing you to adapt to any situation you may face!


Efficiently transition through the ranks.

Getting stuck in your ELO can be like a maze, one day you feel like you’re improving then all of a sudden you’re getting sucked down by uncooperative teammates and toxic players.

Here at OWKings, our tutorials and videos are produced by players who have been there and bought the T-shirt to prove it. We bring you top 500 players to learn from, to mimic, and when you're ready, join on the battlefield!


Become a consistent player.

Consistency is key to climbing the ranks in Overwatch; Owkings teaches you to be a more consistent, level headed player with a mindset oriented on winning.

By following our tutorials, learning the maps, and working on those bad habits (rule of three, great literary tool), you'll be better equipped to climb the ladder in no time at all; before you know it, you could find yourself in the top 500 and become one of our established content producers yourself! The possibilities really are endless.



Over 70 Tutorial Videos

We have videos on every map, every hero and even VOD reviews that you can watch to perfect your gameplay.

10+ Premium Courses

We have over 10 premium courses alone, whether you're a casual looking to improve or eyeing up that top 500 spot, we have the course for you.

1-to-1 Demo Review

Want 1-1 advice from a professional player? Our ultimate users get 1 VOD review per month where one of our creators will break down your gameplay and give you personal advice on how to improve!

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I love OWKing's wide variety of videos that can help anyone in their journey to better themselves in heroes they desire. I personally feel that the vod reviews help me much more than the videos. The 2 vod reviews I've had done for me shined some light into what I could have been doing better all along. I would definitely consider going with OWKing’s if they have videos that spark your interest.

- Xander

OWK Ultimate User

OWKing’s site has been so great from the start, helping me to better understand each character and their mechanics. The courses, videos and replay reviews from pro players have been invaluable in my development as a player. The team has also been insanely responsive in developing content based on feedback and I really love that. Worth every penny!

- Honeybadger

OWK Ultimate User


Who's involved


Former player and coach for Team OWKings

2 videos


10 year FPS veteran, extremely versatile OW player

12 videos


GM Player who plays multiple roles!

8 videos


Matwoj is a Flex player and a former TF2 Pro

39 videos


Ex-TF2 Pro, and Top 500 Overwatch Player

14 videos


#1 Doomfist in the World

12 videos


CCO of OWKings | Experienced Grandmaster Overwatch Player


Experienced OW player, Co-Founder of OWKings

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